Saturday, April 30, 2016

Church Potluck Enchilada Casserole

Our synod is hosting Bishop Ernst Gamxamub of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in the Republic of Namibia and his traveling companion, Leonard de Vries, who serves as finance director of the ELCRN.  I’ve been serving as chief chauffeur. 

Wednesday night we had a potluck to welcome them.  What better way to show them Iowa but a potluck?  Since it was a Wednesday night we invited pastors and youth leaders to bring their confirmation classes.  We had close to 300 folks. 

It was a great night.

I made my Enchilada Casserole.  All of the goodness of enchiladas without the tedious work of rolling them up.

I bought a big aluminum pan so I wouldn’t have to worry about bringing it home.  

Open a large can of enchilada sauce and pour about a fourth of it in the pan and spread it around. 

I spread a can of refried beans over about 10 corn tortillas.   Then I sprinkled half a cup of shredded co-jack cheese over them.


  • 1 yellow onion, sliced
  • 3 or 4 small sweet peppers, sliced
  • 1 8 oz bag frozen corn
  • 1 small can tomatoes with green chilies
  • Chili powder, salt, pepper

Sauté the onions and peppers in about a Tbl olive oil.  When they are caramelized, add the corn and tomatoes and seasonings.  Simmer that for about 10-15 minutes to cook off some of the liquid.  Pour that over the tortillas

Now I would have liked to have at least 2 lb of hamburger for this size a casserole but I only had 1 lb so that’s all I used but it was fine.   So you decide.  Fry it up with a packet of taco seasoning.  Spread that over the vegetables.   

Cover that with another 8 or 10 tortillas and pour the rest of the enchilada sauce.  Make sure all of the tortillas are moistened.   

Then pile a bunch of cheese over that.  I used a bag of Mexican cheese and a bag of cheddar.  Then I like to sprinkle a little chili powder on top.  It looks pretty.

Bake at 375 for 40 minutes.