Sunday, October 11, 2009


So my daughter and I went to see Wicked yesterday in Des Moines. I love musicals. They are wickedly expensive these days so I don't get out to see many. I hadn't seen it nor was I familiar with the story and that was fun enjoy the music and production AND not really know what was coming.

Les Miz is my all time favorite musical but I think this may come in second. Great songs. I do believe the choir sang "I have been changed for good" at my son's high school graduation. If you don't cry when you hear that song then there is just something wrong with you.

This is a feminist musical. It's all about the women and the friendship of women. I know they had to throw the romance in but that's incidental. It's about the women. You should see it if you get a chance.

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  1. Came over to hear about your fab high heels and ended up clicking on your entire feminist section....Very powerful stuff-- thank you so much.

    I share your grief about the divisiveness of prolife and prochoice Christians/pastors/women. May Christ our Savior and God our loving Mother bring us to the day when the procedure is safe, legal and truly rare....And heal the many mothers, and fathers, who grieve in silence.