Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cilantro Lime Pesto

The problem with cilantro is this - I get a BIG batch of it about now...more than I can possibly consume, as much as  I love cilantro.  Then it bolts.  Then it seeds and I'll get some more in the late summer.  But what about later this summer?

PESTO!  It's not just for basil anymore!

Juice of one lime
Grate peeling of one lime
2 cloves garlic
about two cups fresh cilantro, packed
1/3 cup vegtable oil

I know pesto usually has cheese but that doesn't freeze well --I don't put cheese or nuts in my basil pesto when I make it to freeze - you can add that sort of thing latter

Put all that in the food processor and blend.  Then I spoon it into ice cube trays, freeze and then put the cubes in a plastic bag to store in the freezer.  You have nice little serving sizes to add to salsa, chili, sofrito, tortilla soup, whatever....


  1. I've made pesto with parsley, too, using lemon juice and blending in feta cheese and olive oil. Guess it really doesn't qualify as pesto, but I use it the same way -- or did, before I went gluten free.