Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Well Now I feel like part of the crowd.

What with Father Anonymous being called petulant or something like that,  the mild manner Pastor Jansen being told he has a closed heart I was feeling left out.  How come nobody abuses me on my blog I wondered?  I can be petulant!  I can be arrogant!  I can certainly be a socialist!!

I'll just have to stick with being called homely here.  I'm going to give Nixon one chance.  Any more of that I'll have to bann him.  Really homely?  That's the best he could do?


  1. Nixon must be trolling all of us - he told me in early December he was amazed that I thought anyone cared what I wrote. I replied that he, a perfect stranger, had taken the time to write on my blog .... and that the irony was not lost on me.

    Bless his heart.

  2. Have you really gone this long with commenter abuse??
    I thought they would have gotten at least a couple "crazy cat lady" snarks in by now. ; ) With fames comes a price...

  3. Believe or not this is the first abusive comment. I had to put the moderation on because of spam.

  4. And I thought he was just MY secret admirer!

    He left me a series of comments last night, to each of which I attempted to offer a sensible rejoinder. Okay, the one where I suggested he get checked for Asperger's may have been uncharitable.

    But he also left an ad hominem about Joelle, which -- since it's not her blog -- I deemed over the line. So I delcined to publish it, and let him know that any more of that results in a ban.

    It would make me sad to ban him, since I actually enjoy being called a Pre-Raphaelite.

  5. hahaha I figured he found me over at your place since that's where I said I loved the Dark Ages. Yes really the remark about Asperger's is uncharitable toward people with Aspergers.

  6. Sigh. Which one of my occasional readers, and a person I genuinely love, happens to be. Last thing I want to do is insult her, but ... geeze. The shoe so fits with this guy.

  7. I just got Chinese spam and some guy who wanted to make sure I knew he was an atheist. A couple of years ago a couple of people argued with me but I don't get any spammy insults now...