Monday, September 12, 2011

The Night Before

Well the To Do List is pretty much done.  Trying to get the car packed tonight because I have a planned departure time of 5 am.  I want to be relaxing in my hotel room in Sterling, Colorado well before sunset.  These are my sister's boxes I am taking to her.  I want to put them in the car but I hate to disturb Tommy.

These are all the cards I got yesterday.  Some even had cash and checks in them.   Back in my traveling days I used to print out labels and then take them to slap on postcards.  This time I had the secretary print out labels and I am going to use postcards as thank you notes on my trip.  Clever, eh?

I have my IPod loaded with Lady Gaga, Brandi Carlile, Paul Simon and lectures on "Turning Points in American History" from the Learning Company.  Got a couple of bottles of Samual Adams for the evenings and even a bottle opener.  I even threw my skates in the trunk.  You never know!

The plan is drive about 12 hours to Sterling, Colorado tomorrow.  That is BEFORE the moutains so I will be fresh to tackle them.  Second night is at Kanab, Utah.  The next day I'm going to take a tour of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which will give me a later start, but then it's only about 7 hours to Granada Hills, CA.  And it just so happens that right in the middle of my drive is Las Vegas!

My sister will be coming back with me and we are going to come back by way of the Grand Canyon.  But before that we have to go through my mom's things.  I guess she was something of a hoarder.  My sister called me to day she found 43 pairs of pants.  Most them blue.  Okay.  THAT is going to be interesting.

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  1. I hope you ahve a really good time. You deserve it!