Tuesday, May 29, 2012


More importantly, how did Father Anonymous miss this?

A few years ago I lived within range of a Catholic Radio Station and I listened to it all the time.  It was the fundi Catholics but was just much more fascinating than your typical Christian radio.  Some of the stuff they taught was right out of the stuff Luther railed against and I thought had been explained away in all of our ecumenical agreements.  

One of the preachers I loved to listen to was Father John Corapi.  Just for his voice alone.  Deep and gravely.  He was funny and a good speaker.  I didn't agree with much of what he said but sometimes he'd talk about basic faith stuff, like the need to lean on God that we all can agree on.  He was like the EWTN's pitch hitter.  The great defender of Mary, the Pope and the Catholic Church.  Not afraid to call a sin and sin and tell us all how bad this liberal, morally lax culture was. 

And apparently last year he was found guilty of sexual immorality and drug abuse.  And then he up and quit the church.  I just read about this yesterday.  I know this is an old story in more ways than one, but I was shocked.

I'm not above entertaining a little schedenfruede, but this was really disillusioning for me.  I can't imagine how this hit the people who agreed with him and admired and looked up to him.  I have to wonder... is EVERYONE screwing around?  Not to over share but I must assure you, I'm not.  I don't even have time.  How did he find the time?

And why is the Vatican going after the poor nuns when this seems to be a much bigger problem for them?  Maybe they should be doing a better job of watching over the boy stars.  

Oh and mister anonymous atheist  whatever you are calling yourself right now who always likes to post some smug anti Christian stuff on the comments that I never approve anymore.  Just don't bother.


  1. That coat in the picture: some how it is creepy. Like an old WWII comedy, but not quite, TV show.

    Just goes to show we're all sinners...but yet, there is the Thou Dost Protest Too Much thing that seems to hit the big talkers. What is the chicken and what is the egg? Do they sin and then rail or do the talk and then Satan comes calling?

    When I drive in Wisconsin, I can get, at various times, two "Christian" radio stations and sometimes a Catholic station. I agree, the Catholic station is more interesting. The christian stations seem to have a lot of pop-psychology that is justified by a bit of proof texting, with a male viewpoint, or a "I'm a man; therefore I know best" viewpoint.

  2. I feel so inadequate! Not only did I miss the story, but ... also no time for extracurriculars.

    By the way, this is one of the reasons that charismatic leaders, both in the church and in politics, put me off. They are the guys who, with such astonishing regularity, find the time to do things they really shouldn't.

  3. Well ain't that the truth. Should have seen it coming but this one took me by surprise.