Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No this is not about Law/Gospel

My apologies to Mark who left this comment on the post below and instead of approving it I deleted it.  Which is too bad because I want to address it.

I think you are both teetering on the edge here. Gospel and law. Law and gospel. Like the song about love & marriage: "can't have one . . ."

Me:  No you can't get away with just saying "Law and Gospel"   Someone else tried to pull this out on this same topic.  That somehow Law/Gospel applies here.  This is what I say:  Yes Law and Gospel  - NO NO  NO to turning Gospel into Law which what this Cheap Grace stuff does.  

NO NO NO to trying to pull Law into salvation talk to make people behave.  Doesn't work. "The Law says 'do this' and it is never done.  Grace says 'Believe this' and everything is done"  
 In the Law/Gospel dynamic the Law has one purpose and one purpose only - to drive us to the grace of God.

And no, I do not believe in the third use. So don't even go there with me.  

Anybody else wanna try?


  1. Hi. NOt informed/involved in the previous discussion referred to. What do you think about this recent book on the 3rd use of the Law ? 6. December:


  2. Haven't read it. Not gonna read it. Not interested in Third use. Too much talk about law already. Need more Gospel!

  3. hey! I don't believe in the third use of the law either! Nice to know that there are more of us! Just 1st use, (civil use) and 2nd use (theological).