Saturday, March 9, 2013

I Don't Usually Use Movie Scenes in my Sermons but....

In Gone with the Wind, when Scarlett is caught in an embrace with Ashley, the whole community is outraged at her for Melanie's sake.  However when Rhett forced Scarlett to attend Melanie's party, expecting Melanie to shut the door in her face, Melanie takes firm hold of Scarlett and insists her guests welcome her.  If they will be Melanie's friend, they will be kind to Scarlett. 

This is what happens when the father runs in such an

 undignified manner to meet his returning son outside of town.  The town is outraged at the son for how he has treated his father but the father will escort the son back into town telling all that his son has returned. "Love me, Love my son!" he tells them all.

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