Thursday, April 18, 2013

This is Exactly What I was Talking About

So in the comments in my previous post on abortion, Gary want to engage in exactly the kind of philosophical, abstract debate that I think is not helpful.  One that pits the rights of one group against another group (unborn babies vs. women)  And I'm not playing.  I want a different discussion. I want a discussion about how we can take care of each other as a community.  How can we make this world a safe place for women to have and raise children.  So he goes and has a little hissy fit over at his blog and claims it is "Impossible to Discuss Abortion with Liberals" and accuses me  (in response to a comment that I am not nearly as unreasonable as he claims) of "plastering the Lutheran blogosphere" with my views and that because I won't play his game I'm insulted and angry.  

Dude.  I'm not angry.  I'm just bored.  And your warning that I was going to get A LOT of traffic from your post?  Yea.  12 people clicked through from your blog.  I get about 150 hits a day so I can probably handle the extra 12 people.  But I still don't think that qualifies as "plastering the Lutheran blogosphere"

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