Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Could we have a little civility and respect in our congress???

Dear South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson - this is not a bar where people heckle the karaoke singers and throw peanuts on the floor. This is the United State Congress and you do not heckle the President of the United States. You putz.

Obama heckled by GOP during speech to Congress


  1. Thanks - I thought it worthy of a wider audience :-)

  2. Well, the guy apologized right after the speech and his opponent raised $100,000 overnight, so I guess there is a consequence for what he said.

    I guess that people will question whether illegal aliens will get health care coverage. Maybe not insurance, but certainly they won't be turned away by hospitals, which, of course, means that the costs are spread out to others. But, what would Jesus do?

  3. Why is this an issue, PSanafterthought? We have proportionately far more illegal immigrants and asylum seekers than you do in the US, yet nobody minds their receiving the medical care they need. For us in the UK, it is a basic human right - and the USA appears increasingly uncivilised....

  4. Uncivilized when it comes to our lack of concern for immigrants and the poor for sure...however I've seen some British parliment sessions and what Joe Wilson did was pretty mild in comparison. No offense but we really don't want congress to be like your parliment.