Thursday, September 3, 2009

He's not the Messiah, He's not the Anti-Christ - He's just the President of the United States of America

So get over it.

Upfront disclaimer. I was for Hillary. To the very end. I was happy she did not give up when she was being pressured to "for the sake of the party". She hung in there, not, I believe because of her ego, but because of the many women like me, who wanted some acknowledgment of her hard fought battle. I was pleased with how it all got worked out at the convention. I laughed my you know what off at the idea that women like me were going to support Sarah Palin because our girl didn't get picked. Oh puleeze. I've never picked the winner in primaries. Remember Jerry Brown? Jessie Jackson? Teddy Kennedy?

It wasn't just that it was a real chance for a woman to be president, although that was part of it. I thought Hillary had more experience and had a better grip on the issues. I thought Obama, frankly was a lot of pretty speeches and a lot of people were jumping on his bandwagon because they were just following the winner. I was a little concerned at what seemed like hero worship to me.

But he's turned out to be better than I gave him credit for. He's been good at picking folks to help him out. Giving Hillary Secretary of State didn't hurt either.

If I thought some of his supporters were giving him a super-human status, that's nothing compared to the super villain status that his opponents are giving him now. It's really frightening. I mean we hated Bush but I don't think anyone seriously compared him to Hitler. The fear and paranoia I hear on talk radio and the internet is just mind boggling. And now they are upset because he wants to talk to school kids about staying in school? Really?? I think it's very nice for kids to be shown they are thought of as important enough to be addressed by the president and I'd say that even if it was a Republican prez doing it.

"Yea, well that's what Hitler did...he went after the youth!"

Really? Hitler also probably peed standing up. And so?

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  1. yeah, and both Bush Sr. and REagan gave speeches to students at the beginning of the school year. ???

    Makes me want to pull my hair out.

    And yes, I have people like this in my own family. They live in Texas.