Tuesday, March 30, 2010

In Defense of Kate Gosselin - sort of

There are a lot of things I don't like about "reality shows".  Although I confess to being
attracted to some of them like some can't take their eyes away from accident scenes.  There is something riveting about the horror.  I blame it on Original Sin.  One of the things I don't like is the way we think watching these shows gives us the right to judge the people in them.  We decide who is good and who is bad.  Who is right and who is wrong.  Who deserves to stay and who should go.  It's kind of why I was so delighted when Jake the Bachelor picked the bad girl Vienna.  Although I think whole idea of the bachelor is so immoral and so horrible I feel like I need to take a bath after watching it.  Or maybe even visit the same clinic I hope all the girls involved in that show visit.  

But I digress.  This is about Kate.   I've watched her a couple of times on that show with all the cute kids and yea, I thought she was a bitch.  But you know, no more so than many--too many women are these days with their husbands.  A lot of women treat their husbands like shit.  Considering mine is dead and if I had the chance I would so appreciate him and all he did for me, that really pisses me off.  

So Kate is the bitch America loves to hate.  I saw her last night on Dancing with the Stars be a bitch to her dance partner.  Well actually she calmly asked him to explain things to her in a way she could understand and he threw a hissy fit "I TEACH TEACHERS TO TEACH - Don't tell me how to teach" and marches out  like a three year old.

  But remember, Kate is the bitch!  A whole week of practice and that's what they show just before she has to go out and dance.  And she looked like she was going to cry while she was dancing.  She was stiff and nervous but she was damn better dancer than I am.  The judges said it was nerves.  I think she was hurt by them showing that clip.  You don't think other celebrities had bitchy moments during a week to learn a dance?  But you see Kate is the Bitch so we only get to see her being a bitch.  She figured it out when she said in a shaky voice "that was 50 seconds out of a wonderful week"

Now you can say she asked for this, nobody forced her to be on this show.  She's been seduced by the money and fame of reality TV.  So what?  We are all seduced by things that are not good for us, it doesn't mean we don't deserve a little compassion like I felt for Kate when it seemed like she finally realized what was going on.  She's on Dancing with the Stars because America needs a bitch.  She's the designated bitch.

Hey Kate!  Chin up.  There are worse things to be than the Bitch.  I used to have a sweatshirt that said:

I'm not a Bitch.  I'm THE Bitch.  And that's MS. Bitch to YOU!

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