Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Oscar Arnulfo Romero, Archbishop of San Salvador, Martyr, 1980 Quotes

“A church that suffers no persecution but enjoys the privileges and support of the things of the earth - beware! - is not the true church of Jesus Christ. A preaching that does not point out sin is not the preaching of the gospel. A preaching that makes sinners feel good, so that they are secured in their sinful state, betrays the gospel’s call.”

We must not seek the child Jesus in the pretty figures of our Christmas cribs. We must seek him among the undernourished children who have gone to bed at night with nothing to eat, among the poor newsboys who will sleep covered with newspapers in doorways. 
“Peace is not the product of terror or fear. Peace is not the silence of cemeteries. Peace is not the silent result of violent repression. Peace is the generous, tranquil contribution of all to the good of all. Peace is dynamism. Peace is generosity. It is right and it is duty.”

"When I fed the poor they called me a saint. When I asked why there were so many poor they called me a communist." 

"Do you want to know if your Christianity is genuine? Here is
the touchstone: Whom do you get along with? Who are those who
criticize you? who are those who do not accept you? Who are those who
flatter you?"

If God accepts the sacrifice of my life, may my death be for the freedom of my people ... A bishop will die, but the Church of God, which is the people, will never perish.

"If they kill me, I shall arise in the Salvadoran people."

"May this Body immolated and this Blood sacrificed for Mankind nourish us also, that we may give our body and our blood over to suffering and pain, like Christ -- not for Self, but to give harvests of peace and justice to our People." 
(As he prepared to consecrate the Eucharist - just before he was shot to death)

 "May God have mercy on the assassins." (Last words.)


  1. Trying again: These quotes seem to fit with what the Bible teaches. Jesus called out sin, but also showed extreme love.

    We've all heard about hell and brimstone sermons. I don't know if they pointed out sins or just told people what would happen without Jesus. I can't help but think of the sermons that are opposite that I have heard: God loves you sermons. Perhaps something in the middle is more in line with Jesus' teaching: He loved us so much that now we can confront our sins and the sins of others and be God's hands on earth.

  2. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing these!