Thursday, November 25, 2010

Have a Very Lutheran Thanksgiving.

Which means JELLO of course:

1 6 oz  Box Raspberry or Orange Jello
1 can jelled Cranberry Sauce
1 8 oz can crushed pineapple

Prepare jello as directed.  Let set an hour to an hour an a half.  Mix in cranberry sauce and pineapple well. 

There.  Now you can have a real Lutheran Thanksgiving.

PS - I DO make real cranberry sauce with fresh cranberries as well, but this has been a family tradition since the kids were tots.


  1. Hang on a minute - I thought tinned pineapple wasn't a good thing to add to jelly, as it stopped it setting? Or is that only fresh?

  2. It's fresh pineapple you aren't supposed to use.

  3. I make a Real Lutheran thanksgiving salad that uses strawberry jello, cottage cheese, canned crushed pineappple and, wait for it, Cool Whip, but yesterday I just went with the red jello with fruit cocktail for the kids. And seven pies.

  4. Jello with cottage cheese and cool whip --now that is some real Lutheran stuff