Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Confirmation Tonight

Tonight was my second class at the new parish.  Last week there were like five parents sitting in (about 15 kids).  Apparently they've had some rowdy kids and the parents were brought in for reinforcement.  I could not get the kids to talk.  I suspect the parents were inhibiting them.   Personally I prefer rowdy to silent.  

So after last week's class a couple of parents said they felt like I had it under control and would I mind if they stayed home.  Not at all.  

Tonight only one parent and it was a different story.  Lots of talking.  Giggling.  One kid who would only give me smart ass answers.  I told him he had used up his quota of funny answers and had to give me a serious one.  At the end of the class I make them all tell me one thing they learned and lo and behold he had a serious answer.  

Also at the end of class they all have to pray outloud.  Very simple--just finish these two sentences "God I ask you ..." and "God I thank you".  Last week Mr. Smarty Pants prayed that some teacher he didn't like would retire.  This week he prayed "Dear God, please let there be no more crazy people shooting up people"  I think I'm gonna like this kid.



  1. I'm always so glad to read blog/FB postings by pastors that talk about good connections with the kids in confirmation classes. My confirmation classes, way back in the last century, were completely memorization of the book, no discussion, ever, no Bible reading, no discussion of faith, except the memorization of the answers in the book, no service projects or even talk of service as Christians. At my present church, Confirmation classes have been sometimes accused by the oldsters of not being rigorous enough, but I guess I'd err on the side of teaching about relationships in Christ in comparison to what I had. [But I must say, that intellectually, I learned A LOT in my classes, every Saturday, for 2 years, but I can't say that the pastor got to know us in any way.]

    Just this week, I was talking to a business man who is about 55. He told me, somewhat spontaneously, that he believes in Jesus as his savior. But he told me that he was raised Lutheran and that the confirmation classes were so awful that on the day of the ceremony, he looked at his mother and told her that he would never go to church again in his life.

    So I applaud you for your efforts. I applaud you for appreciating the kids in your class. And I hope that they will see Jesus in your words and teachings and actions.

  2. I had the benefit of going through Confirmation with two different Pastors.

    One was very dry and strict. We did a lot of memorizing, and he made sure we all knew everything as thoroughly as possible. No piece of information was dealt with casually.

    The second was very open and interactive, with discussion and debate. We didn't cover nearly as much material, but it was more interesting and engaging.

    At the time, I complained about both styles, but looking back, I think they both offered something unique and valuable, and am glad I was exposed to them both.

  3. Joelle, how wonderful! Ain't prayer grand! Pr. Fancy Shoes and Mr. Smarty Pants have a fan.

  4. What curriculum do you use? Our Pastor left without any records and lay people are currently trying to teach.