Friday, January 14, 2011

Here We Stand Confirmation Curriculum

Dennis asks me what confirmation curriculum I use.  I cannot say enough good things about Augsburg Fortress's Here We Stand.  Note I've given the Older version.  I do not like the newer version.  I hope they keep this old page because this has much better power points and videos.  Well the new one has NO videos.  

You need to tell your church to get a computer projector because power point is the way to go with confirmation.  You can whine and moan about how spoiled kids are and how they have to be entertained or you can just shut up, use the new media tools and keep the kids engaged and interested.  That's all there is to it.

Even before this came out I was making my own power points.  These are better.  I do cut and paste and edit and put some of my own stuff.  I use pictures from the Brick Testament for the bible stories.  Note  YOU MUST SCREEN these pictures because this guy is a weirdo and likes to illustrate the sex stories from the bible with Lego people.  They are hilarious but not appropriate for confirmation.

It's very flexible - you can use it with large and small groups. You can teach it all yourself or use helpers.   It is more work than just going through a book but most things that are worthwhile do take more effort.


  1. I agree with you that power point is the way to go although I still have to get help from my youth person on formatting.

    and even though I agree with you, I don't think it's ALL about power point to keep it interesting. that's just a part of the mix that is really necessary.

    I think it's also the pacing and changing activities. I like the humor in the Lutheran Handbook; it's one of the best things we've done in a long time. Remidns me of those "Survival guides" which were so popular with teenagers.

    I still think engagement and conversation is important, I just notice that is happens in conjunction with visual media.

  2. Yes you have to do more than just show the power point. - you have to ENGAGE them. It's just the I've had more luck with engaging them through the media than books.

  3. Thanks, Joelle. (it was really me all along, just signed in as my husband). I am finding so much food for thought on your blog and discovering others from your blogroll. We are part of a once strong, now struggling church and our daughter just finished sem and besides that, I was born in Iowa and love figure skating!

    Now, to hunt for the old version of Here I Stand.

  4. If my link doesn't get you there, on the new page there is a link that says "Older version" or something like that.