Thursday, April 14, 2011

I Learned How to Work a VCR Because of Erica Kane

And now she and All My Children will be GONE GONE GONE come September.   To be replaced by cheaper talk shows and "reality shows" 

It's the end of an era.  I've watched all my Children since it's near beginnings back when I was in junior high.  I got pregnant with my son at the same time she conceived Bianca.  (Of course Erica was only pregnant 3 months and Bianca was in high school when my son was only seven but that's Soap Opera time)

I was never ashamed to admit I loved my shows.  I think all the tears and suspense over the dark secrets, switched babies, dead come back to life, long lost grown children showing up, amnesia,  girl meets boy, boy loses girl, boy trades girl with his brother and father and guy down the street and tragic death scenes as a helpful emotional release for me throughout the years.

My daughter  likes to tell a story of her slapping her preschool teacher because I let her watch soaps and she thought that's how people dealt with each other.  I don't remember hearing about her slapping her teacher.  Too busy watching soaps I guess.

Erica's Daughter Bianca's Wedding to Reese
People like to make fun of soaps.  But Erica Kane was the first one on TV to get a legal abortion in the 70s.  AMC was the first to deal with homosexuality in the 80s and a few years ago they were the first to have a gay wedding.  They dealt with AIDs, teenage prostitution,  addiction, domestic abuse --all kinds of real life issues nighttime TV wouldn't touch.

It was over the top but there was some good stuff.  A lot better than stupid talk shows and "reality shows"  But as an old departed organists used to tell me "Well ya know, nothing lasts forever"


  1. I think some of the soaps in this country DO last forever! At least two are over 50 years old now, and many of them are over 30!

  2. I never learned to program a VCR, and can still barely manage the DVR on the cable box. Never really watched soaps, either. But I used to be friends with a lot of actors and musicians, and soap operas were a great thing for them. Nobody really loved them, but they were a solid regular paycheck in a business that offers few of those. On top of that, they offered the possibility of a rabid fan following, and even a chance at the Big Time. Watching the soaps begin to disappear makes even a non-soaps-guy get nostalgic.