Friday, June 24, 2011

My Neighbors

Even though I have to drive an hour an a half just to shop at Target, I have some great neighbors:

There's the deer that come and hang out around dusk.  Five or six of them at a time, they make themselves right at home in my back yard. 

I first found this guy in my trash can.


And there was the Red Tailed Hawk fledgling that popped in one morning.

He was very loud and he pooped all over my front porch.

And in the pasture behind the barn - Black Angus cattle and their young uns

I guess you can go to Target anywhere, but neighbors like these are hard to come by.


  1. Do you have a bird-table, and if so what birds come to it? Your birds are so different to ours that I am always fascinated by the birds on American bird-tables. If I lived in the USA, I should so definitely have a humming-bird feeder!

  2. If by a bird table you mean bird feeder I can't do that as I do let my cats out and that would be really unfair. To all parties involved. Last year at my old house I had a whole family of gold finches feast on my sunflowers outside my kitchen window and I enjoyed that.

  3. Only 1.5 hours to Target? I'm jealous. Our nearest one is a full 2 hours away. Walmart used to be an hour, but about three years ago they opened one within a half-hour of us.

    Our neighbors include a 250 lb bear and some raccoons. Rural life is fun, isn't it?