Wednesday, June 1, 2011

When Justice Becomes a Reality Show

If you are in the US and you have the TV on at all you will have heard of Casey Anthony a 25 year old who is accused of killing her three year old girl and then going to a party.  (That going to the party afterwards is what really seems to piss people off)

I've been wanting to ignore this because...

a) Nancy Grace has a lot to do with it and I can't stand that judgmental, manipulaitive,, woman

b) I refuse to get sucked into the national pasttime of  playing jury. and deciding the guilt or innocence in cases we really know nothing about but we think we do because Nancy Grace has told us what to think

c)  Between my soft spot for screwed up single mothers and penchant for taking the side of the underdog, I don't want to believe she's guilty but even her parents think she did it ...and that's a bad sign.

It's her defense that is so disturbing.  She's claiming that the baby drowned in the pool and she didn't tell anyone and went to parties because she is screwed up because both her father and brother sexually abused her.

If she wasn't hated before, that defense has really pissed off the peanut gallery.  How dare she accuse this wonderful family of such a horrible thing?  If she's lying about that, that's a terrible thing to do to your own family.  And it's a terrible thing to do to real victims because it makes it even harder for others to be believed.

But but but....this happens in so called "wonderful families".  And it screws up people.  It would explain her behavior.   And I keep hearing "It can't be true because why would she let her father and brother near her daughter if they did that to her?"  Why indeed.  But it happens.  Victims serve up their own children to their abusers.

Not that all sexual abuse victims party after their babies accidentally drown. And she could just be a truly awful person.

But it's also possible she's telling the truth.  I'm just saying.  We don't know what happened.  A jury is going to have to decide what is justice for this world.  In the end, God will decide ultimate justice.  But let's not make Nancy Grace anymore rich or famous over this perverted tragedy.


  1. I have been avoiding it like the plague, which is to say impossible to completely avoid, but mostly coming out unscathed.

    There is a certain irony in that the "national pastime is to play jury" and yet everyone gets pissed when they get their actual jury duty notices. Hmmm. Nancy Grace is the tip of our screwed up iceberg.

  2. Umm. OK. I must be living under a rock, because I've not heard of this. But then, I have no idea who Nancy Grace is, either. (Or maybe it's just that I avoid TV "news" like the plague.)

  3. Being so far away, there are some US media events that I miss. This was one of them. I was only dimly aware of the case. Now I'm sick with grief for all concerned.