Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Bad Week for my Opinion of Humanity

First it was Herman Cain comparing having past sexual harassment charges made public to being lynched.  Really Mr. Cain?  Really?

Then the allegations of a serial pedophile having access  and free reign to rape and assault troubled children.  And the reaction to it at the time can't even be called a cover up as much as a "oh well, just don't use our locker room".  Then when the board of Penn State, more as damage control than anything else fires the man who knew about it but only did the bare minimum to cover his own ass -- students rally around him in a disgraceful and totally insensitive to the victims display.  Between this and Herman Cain's backlash at his accusers (there will be more but they are all liars too).  No wonder victims choose to just keep their mouths shut and deal with their pain in silence.  Oh yea and if you don't think the fact that many of the boys abused were African American doesn't play into this and the unwillingness of anybody to stand up - then you are very naive.  Just think about that and then tell me about "lynching".

 And I wish they would stop calling it a damned "sex scandal"  This is not some sordid tabloid story.  This is a rape and sexual assault case.

And then there is the story of body parts of soldiers killed in action being treated cavalierly.

Oh yea and the Black Rhino has been declared extinct.   Just makes me want Jesus to come back.  Today.


  1. I'm glad you are being blunt. I saw your tweets too. Yes, too many victims think/feel they can't tell. It's what happens when a perpetrator makes the person feel like sh__. That's only made worse when the guy + the media piles it on. You know what? What if the victim is a bad person, though child of God nonetheless, no one deserves to be treated that way. What if Cain didn't do it? The accusors don't deserve to be denigrated.

  2. Thanks, Joelle. I appreciate this. You may want to read what Anne wrote, it's posted here:

  3. Damned human race. And I mean that literally, albeit subjunctively.

    By the way, I assume Cain's idiosyncratic use of lynching as an image for being publicly accused of doing bad things -- which is so terribly demeaning both to victims of sexual harassment and to victims of, you know, lynching -- is borrowed from Clarence Thomas. Just one more debt that the Devil owes to Justice Thomas.

  4. Yes and I found Thomas'use of the term particularly egregious in light of the history that blacks were lynched for what they were thought to have done to white women. Nobody ever gave a damn what happened to women of color.