Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Five -Thanksgiving

Usually when I hit a blogging block, I turn the the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five to get me to write something.  ANYthing.  

Last Thanksgiving I was VERY grateful although a little stressed out because I had just a few weeks to pack and move and get out of town.  But I did make turkey and all the extras.

1. Where will you be on Thanksgiving Day? With whom?

My son, my daughter, my seven cats and I.

2. Are there any family traditions or memories associated with Thanksgiving?

From the time I was married 24 years ago we went to my husband's sisters in La Cross Wisconsin for thanksgiving.  His aunt always made lefse and gave everyone a package to take home.  When we lived several hours away we would leave Wednesday night after church, with the kids in their pajamas so they would sleep during the drive.
That night we would always go to the Riverside Park along the Mississippi where the Rotary Club put up the Midwest's largest light display.  We'd either drive through the park if it was too cold or walk if it wasn't too bad.

When the kids were older we would drive two hours up to Minneapolis, spend the night and do the Black Friday shopping at the Mall of America.   That's right, I did the evil shopping thing.  Had a great time too.  Found the crowds amusing and entertaining.  Would give the kids some money to go buy me a Christmas gift.  One year they got me a whole season of the West Wing.

3. What will be on your Thanksgiving menu?

Turkey with Cherry Stuffing, mashed potatoes  (cook the potatoes in chicken broth for some extra flavory) and gravy, green beans or broccoli, depending upon what looks freshest at the store, Squash and Apple casserole (I may post that recipe soon because that is some good stuff)  Cranberry Raspberry Jello, canned cranberry sauce for my son and this year I made some jalapeno and cranberry relish.  Pumpkin pie with REAL whipped cream, and I may try to make a pie crust again.  I never have much luck with that but I have my mom's Cuisinart  this time and I think that may make it easier.

4. Are you trying anything new this Thanksgiving?

No but I think we may make lefse while my daughter is home.  We did it a few years ago with some success.  I have a new potato ricer so that part of the job should not be so difficult.

5. What is the weather forecast for this day (next Thursday)?  High of 43, partly cloudy small chance of precipitation.  That is walking around watching the lights weather but we are staying home this year.

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  1. Sweet old-fashioned Thanksgiving card. Jalapeno and cranberry relish sounds more like TX than Iowa! I never did the day after Thanksgiving shopping thing, but used to go with my mother the day after Christmas.