Monday, October 15, 2012

Vocation, Creation and Yes, a Pregnant Stray Cat IS My Neighbor

 First it was the orange tom cat that showed up stalking my bird feeders.  I had no problem chasing him away.  He never got any birds but he always came back.  He looked skinny but I was strong.  No feeding him.

Then the pretty orange and white showed up.  She was eating the peanuts for the birds.  So I put the peanuts on the roof of the shed and she jumped up on the roof to eat the peanuts.  Well I figured if she was eating the bird seed I was feeding her anyway, so I started feeding her.

  And of course the orange Tom showed up for his share.

At first I thought "She's  not that skinny, she's eating somewhere else"  Then it became clear that she's not that skinny because she is pregnant.  And the orange Tom is no doubt the Baby Daddy. Just what I need.  One of my life's challenges is NOT to become one of those crazy women you see on Animal Hoarders.  This is not helping.

After awhile I decided to just give in to my secret piety which tells me God sends me these creatures to take care of.  Just go with it.  Buy her the special food for kittens and pregnant cats.

So here I am in Dubuque for our Theological Conference and the theme is Vocations.  Stanley Olson from Wartburg Seminary is our presenter.  He starts out asking us who is the neighbor God is calling us to serve.  Everyone shouts out - the sick, the lonely, the outcast, the immigrant,  you know the drill.  When it was my turn I answered "A pregnant stray cat"  Everyone laughed but I was not joking.  Is not creation our neighbor?  St. Francis, whose day was not so long ago, would certainly agree.  Is it not just a holy a calling to care for animals, plants and even the earth as it is to care for people?

"God is milking the cows through the vocation of the milkmaid", Luther said.  God is taking care of this pregnant queen through me.  

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  1. You are so on my wave length! G_d is caring for the unwanted cats in our tiny corner of the world through my husband and me. We're on the edge of becoming crazy cat-people, but we feel it's what we were meant to do. We've had several triumphs with ferals... one lived with us for six months before she let us touch her, while her sister, rescued at the same time, was in my lap the first day. Now the wild one flops on her back for tummy rubs. That's worth every day of patience we gave her. As I type, a big, furry thug of a former neighborhood terror is snoozing in my lap. He hates other cats, but, after three years has become friends with two of our 22. He still bites my arm (hard) when he's had enough attention, but who knew we'd ever be able to do more than put a food bowl in front of him.

    We're where we're supposed to be, and doing what we're supposed to do, my husband and me... and I thank G_d every day for showing us the way.