Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Five - Exercise

So the RevGalBlogPals are talking about taking care of our bodies.

1. What was your favorite sport or outdoor activity as a child?

I don't know why, but until I read Eternal Echoes Friday Five, I forgot all about how much I loved to swim. We lived in an apartment with a pool and I would go down to swim at 10 am, come up for a sandwhich at noon and my mother would have to yell and threaten and bluster to get me out of the pool at night. And the beach. I grew up in Southern California, and I would spend the entire day in the ocean. Until I learned to figure skating, swimming was the one athletic thing I could do fairly well. When I lived in San Francisco and was going to Seminary I used to swim laps in the morning. I probably forgot because I just don't do it much anymore.

2. P.E. class--heaven or the other place? HORRIBLE! I was clumsy, overweight in junior high, was always the last one to be picked. HATED HATED HATED PE. I lost weight in high school and my senior year they had a biking class for PE which was early in the morning and that I liked. I also liked folk dance and I took a life time sports class in the summer for PE credit and it was tennis, golf, bowling...all sports I enjoyed.

3. What is your favorite form of exercise now? Figure Skating. I talk about that on my very first blog called Skating It's very good excercise as long as you don't do it the way a lot of adults I see do it, skate around leisurely talking to your friends.

4. Do you like to work out solo or with a partner? I skate better when there are other people on the ice, especially the kids - they motivate me. Frankly it is some adult skaters who annoy me because they want to talk. Um, I'm not paying nearly $20 an hour of ice to talk.

5. Inside or outside? Inside. Outdoor ice is horrible! I want a nice smooth zambonied rink, thank you.

Bonus: Post a poem, scripture passage, quotation, song, etc. regarding the body or exercise.

Lament of an Adult Skater


  1. I'm impressed about your skating!

  2. I've always wanted to skate; unfortunately, horrible ankle issues have prevented it! Glad you enjoy it!

  3. People always complain about their ankles when they skate. There is probably nothing wrong with your ankles, you just did not have skates that fit properly. Very sad how many people gave up on skating because their skates did not fit right.