Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nicole Bobek - Then and Now

This is just too sad for words.

This is Nicole Bobek a few years ago.

This is her mug shot.

Nobody looks good in a mug shot but I think she looks like she's been doing meth as well as selling it. I know she really is no different than anyone else. Any wasted life is a tragedy. But she was so beautiful on the ice.


  1. I's rare that someone dealing doesn't dip into their own stash, but I'll give her the BOTD and say her complexion has seen too much Florida sun. :)

  2. Oh poor Dave, you were always ever giving her the BOTD. Surprised there is anything left of your heart after being broken by her so many times.

  3. Being a huge figure skating geek myself, I saw a lot of Nicole in her prime. I had to look twice at the photo before I believed it was her. It's a totally different person. Sad.