Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Afternoon Skating Video - a little late

I love Johnny Weir. He's a drama queen and the reason why straight men hate figure skating. He drives his fans crazy because he's sooo very talented but lately there's always something that keeps him from the podium. I follow him on twitter and he's got these great tweets like:

"Practice makes perfect. Trying to style myself for the premiere. I can't decide what to wear. The tribulations of Johnny Weir..." and
"Ugh...a tiring day already and still two more hours on the ice and pilates. Plus I ran out of FF shampoo. Does the madness ever end?

I mean really, how can you not love someone like that?

Here is his 2006 short program at the Olympics. It was brilliant and put him second behind Plushenko (who nobody could beat because that man is a jumping machine) Then he fell apart in the free skate. Ugh. Shades of Nicole Bobeck. I like Evan Evan Lysacek too, but Johnny is an artist.

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