Monday, February 22, 2010

Free Dance Tonight

 Going into the the free dance the standings are:

1.  Virtue & Mohr - Canada
2.  Davis & White - USA
3.  Domnina & Shabalin - Russia
4.  Belbin  & Agosto - USA

Just a couple of thoughts.  My favorites are Tanith Belbin & Ben Agosto.  He's a magnificent  skater.  A judge I respect says their Original Dance last night was more difficult than Davis & White's.  But I liked Davis & White's OD much better.  It was different and interesting to watch.  I just didn't get the bird thing.  And  I liked Davis and White's free dance better at Nationals so we'll see tonight.  I liked Belbin & Agosto's tango interpretation the best but can live with Davis and White being ahead.  

They are both better than the Russians who were not only offensive last night, 
they just were not that good.  They get points for being Russian.   Also I think anybody wearing a cowboy costume last night should have received a .2 deduction, that's how tired I was of that.

In a perfect world I'd say it would be a fight beween the top two Americans for 1 & 2.  But it does look like the Eastern Bloc judging is at work again and so don't be surprised to see the Russians on the podium with a subpar performance.    

And don't even get me started on that whiney baby poor sport, out of shape, should shut up because the silver medal was a gift Plushenko.


  1. It was really interesting to watch last evening. Ditto on the cowboy/patched look costumes. They paid somebody to come up with that? Sheesh.
    What do you make of what one of the commentators said last evening about certain music grabbing the audience and some of it leaving the audience cold? Should that and playing to the crowd make a difference?

  2. I guess everybody wants to be a cowboy :-P

    There is no part of the score that judges "playing to the audience" --if it did, I think Johnny Weir would have a gold medal. The thing is, I think dance on an international level is still fixed so I can't explain the results totally by skating skills. I think for some reason American's have "earned" consideration of the judges but one one pair - not too. So though two Americans may deserve to be on the podium tonight, there will only be one and Davis and White seem to be the favored ones. I'm going to the Russians, Davis & White and the Canadians make the podium but I can't begin to guess who will be where.