Saturday, February 20, 2010

Hate to say I told you so....

Since way back I have been saying that women clergy are going to be the next target of the Word Alone/Core types.  This prediction has been met with much huffing and puffing by folks from that side as well as "Naw that'll never happen--look at all their women leaders" from those opposed to the Word Alone/Core POV.  

People people people, read your church history.  Women have often been given positions of leadership and respect in the church and church movements when it suited the people in power.   Kind of like giving  Rosie the Riveter a job when we needed women in the factory and then escorting them out the door back into the kitchen when the menfolk came home and needed their jobs back.  

Thank you to Spirit of a Liberal for taking the time to read Lutheran CORE's Vision and Plan for The North American Lutheran Church–NALC for short.  Cuz I sure as heck have better things to read.  

Here's a little gem:  
...the NALC and Lutheran CORE will recognize both women and men in the office of ordained clergy, while acknowledging the diversity of opinion that exists within the Christian community on this subject. 

Obie points out the obvious ...Um isn't that what the ELCA wants to do with rostered leaders in committed same-sex relationships?  That little inconsistency aside...that statement leaves the door back to the kitchen and Ladies Aid wide open....


  1. Yup. "Acknowledging a difference of opinion" sounds straight forwardly factual, doesnt it? After all, there are many differences of opinion within the "Christian community." Some people pray to saints, others baptize with rose petals. Acknowledging this as a fact is just common sense.

    But why mention it in your founding documents? Hmmm? Unless, that is, you are planning to someday use it to provide a "local option" for parishes or judicatories that want to opt out, and declare that they don't accept the ordination of women, while remaining in communion with a church that claims it does.

    (Or if not "church," exactly, then "church-like thing," which I think is actually their preferred language.)

  2. didn't notice this but I'm not surprised. yeah, we ordain women ... if they don't get in the way.

  3. Check out this statement from Father John McNeill's blog (quoted in my own):

    "Over the past fifty years of ministry in both my study and experience I have become more and more convinced that the deepest root of homophobia both in our culture and in our church is feminapbobia, the fear and suppression of the feminine. Consequently, the most important contribution that can be made to gay liberation is for the gay community to commit itself to women’s liberation."

  4. I think there is something to that. There does seem to be more fear and revulsion expressed towards male homosexuality than female. Why is that?