Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Children Learn what they see

(I gotta vote "creepy")

Now I don't quite know why this creeps me out as much as it does - but this is an example of how children learn to worship.  I guess they don't have a video of a darling little cherub learning the Kyrie...but this is why children need to be in the pew not in the nursery or in "children's church"


  1. I think I know why you think it's creepy (I do too), but I'm not sure I can say it right now. (I spent some time with the charismatics in the 70s, and I really do know the good, the bad and the ugly of that movement.)

    But, your point is well taken. we learn to worship by worshiping. and yes, children do worship. They learn the Kyrie and they learn praise songs, too. this might turn into a whole post over at my place....

  2. Hey I spent time with the charismatics in the 70s too!