Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Five - Cars

They say you are not supposed to blog about why you are not blogging.  Well I'm very busy.  I'm in an interim position that was really just supposed to be a life saver for me when I desperately needed a job having been run out of town when my congregation decided to leave the ELCA.   Turns out this is more like an intentional interim so I'm learning on the job about intentional interim ministry.   I also am going to look into intentional interim as a career.  I think I'm suited for it.  Ironically, I think there's actually more job security in interim work.  My last experience and my age and my debt has made job security an important thing to me.

So I told myself I would do the RevGalBlogPals Friday Five no matter what it was, just to get something on the blog.  So it's all about cars.

1. The earliest recollection you have of a family car

The only car I ever remember was a red station wagon.  My mom had that car forever.

2. The first car you drove when you could (legally) get behind the wheel yourself.

I learned to drive with that old red station wagon.  We lived in an apartment building with carport parking that was very tight.  Trying to learn to get that car out of their without scratching the door on the poles was quite tricky.  To this day I'm pretty good at getting a large vehicle in and out of a tight spot.

3. A memorable road trip

The above picture was taken as I left San Francisco to my first call in Wisconsin.  I had lived in San Francisco for several years and had not driven for a long time.  A friend from seminary drove out with me.  We stopped in Reno and told all the guys trying to pick us up while we were drinking and gambling that I was going out to be a pastor of my first church.

I've mentioned before the trip my husband and I took before we were married from Wisconsin up to Seattle, and down the coast to LA.  We had lots of fun family road trips.  To Colorado Springs, to Door County Wisconsin, up to the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Upper Michigan.  It was always such a great feeling when we would pull out on the road....leaving all our worries behind.  

4. The car you drive now. Love it? Hate it?

I don't have emotional attachments to inanimate objects.  Except for my skates.  And sometimes I love them and sometimes I hate them.

5. An interesting story that involves you and a vehicle. (No, I do not have a dirty mind!) 

Oh.  How could I forget?  There was that rent-a-wreck van we rented to drive from Iowa to Louisiana on a mission trip.   The brakes went out and at first the rental company refused to pay to have them fixed.  Then they sent me to a cheaper place and they crashed it it while driving it because -- THE BRAKES DIDN'T WORK!  Then we were stranded for a day in Houma for a day.  And then they fixed the breaks and we drove home.    That's the short version.  But the good news it was fodder for my daughter's entrance essay to college.

Bonus question - My idea of good car music?  Lectures from theThe Great Courses

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