Monday, March 14, 2011

Sometimes the Show CAN't Go on

So it looks like on second thought, with the problems of the nuclear reactor and travel not recommended to Japan, the World Championships are being postponed or possibly canceled.  It would be quite a feat to try to pull such an event off somewhere else with so little notice.  I know in the enormity of such loss to Japan, a skating championship is a small thing.  And yet I'm sure they were looking forward to hosting it and hoping they could go on despite the difficulties and I'm sorry for the Japanese skating community.

And I still think Phil Hersch is an idiot and his column insensitive.  They hoped it could go on and then realized it couldn't.  They don't  his need paternalistic second guessing.

Speaking of  the show, my daughter and I saw Stars on Ice in St. Paul yesterday.  It was their 25th anniversary show.  We've seen 12 of them together.  It was a great show.  It was nice to see the large cast numbers that were missing last year back.  And nice to see some real fast, centered scratch spins.   You don't see those in competition anymore because people are too busy trying to wrack up points  by changing edges and getting into weird positions.

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