Saturday, March 12, 2011

Let the Show Go On!

Mao Asada 2010 World Champion
For the last several years my opinion of Phil Hersh has gone further and further down everytime he pontificates about what figure skaters and Figure Skating in general should do.  Now he opines  that its  Too soon for figure skating worlds in ravaged Japan. 

The World Figure Skating Championships is set to begin in Japan next week.  He thinks they should be moved, postponed or even canceled.  CANCELED?  Really Phil?  You think  THAT is the sensitive thing to do for the Japanese skaters who have been looking forward to competing in their own country?  Yea he's worried about the "emotional impact" on the Japanese skaters.  HELLO?  How long has this guy been writing about sports to say such a STUPID thing about athletes?  Did he forget about Joannie Rochette's  stunning and courageous performance at the Olympics after her mother's death?  Does he not see how this would be an opportunity for the skaters to show how they can rise above adversity and use their skating to deal with the tragedy?

What does the Japanese Federation want?  Maybe we should listen to them.  They say they are prepared to go ahead with the Championships.  But Papa Hirsch wants to protect them and take it away with them.  

I say let's trust the Japanese and go on with Worlds.  And let's all cheer extra loud for the Japanese skaters

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  1. I gather the ISU will make its final decision, in close co-operation with the Japan Skating Federation, tomorrow: I do hope it goes ahead.