Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Five -Blogroll Spotlight

Today's Friday Five - My five favorite Blog sites and why.

Well I have to give a shout out to the RevGalBlogPals ...I do go there everyday - I like to see what other folks are doing --I use their blog roll. I love the idea of themes ...Monday meet and greet, I keep thinking I'm going to steal their Tuesday lectionary thoughts but I'm never really ready to look at the text on Tuesdays, though I know I should.

I love history, I love saints stories and commemorations and at Telling the Stories that Matters, there's a new story everyday, told very well. Some stories I've never heard before and even for the ones I do, there is usually something new.

I discovered Beauty Tips for Ministers before I started blogging. I just love it. I so agree with her insistence that Ministers need to be well groomed and careful about how they present themselves. I confess I know some people I'd like to send her way. Like the pastor who greeted us at a continuing ed event in dirty SWEATPANTS. Ick. And I like the idea that we can be pastors and still care about fashion and make up and hair. And of course ...SHOES!

Another favorite is Madeline's Egg - "Sex. Religion. Politics. All the stuff they don't want you to talk about in public." Father always has an interesting slant on the world.

And finally - this guy doesn't update very much but Larry Keene at Keen's Kwikies is HYSTERICALLY FUNNY. But has something to say as well.

I want to put in a plug for the dearly departed "Pocket Mardis". He gave it up because it got in the way of his real work as a Pastor, which I can respect, but that was a favorite of mine and may others I suspect.

Finally if it's on my blog roll and they have something new, I check it out so no slight if I didn't mention it.

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