Monday, March 30, 2009

Sorry No "Take Backs"!

Rise of atheism: 100,000 Brits seek 'de-baptism'

"Child of God, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit and marked with the Cross of Christ forever"

If these people really were Athiests, why would they need to have a paper saying they were "unbaptized"? Hmmm?? I've always suspected the most militant Athiests are not people who don't believe in God. They are people pissed off at God. And haven't we all been at one time or another?

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  1. Some kind of reaction or counter reaction for sure. I heard an atheist author on the radio talking about his book about how Darwinism was correct and creationism was wrong. Nothing wrong with expressing his point of view, etc. But there were these anti-religious overtones that were so strong. And he talked about people writing letters to him, telling about how much he "helped" them. That sounds like quite a bit more than a discussion of various scientific views. And he sounded so much like he had a mission. Why the mission? What difference did it make to HIM what others believed or thought? Would that more Christians had that sense of mission.