Monday, March 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie

Barbie at 50 - Still Giving them Something to Talk About

I know Barbie is supposed to be evil. But I love her.

I had a bunch of Barbies. I had a thing about red hair and my mom would always try to get the red haired barbies. Midge had red hair. So did Stacy. Stacy was Barbies friend from England. And I had Francie - she was "mod"
And Skipper. And Ken and Alan. And then there was little Tutti. I had them
all. And a fake barbie called "Miss Suzette"

And I spent hours playing with them and making up stories about them. And I turned out to be a fairly normal person. Although I do have a friend that says it made me too interested in clothes and fashion. I let my daughter play with Barbies and she's quite the fashion girl. I guess I don't think that's a bad thing. I'd be waiting for her to get out of school and see all these girls in jeans and sweatshirts and she'd appear in her nice sweater, skirt and boots. I'm just not seeing that as a bad thing.

When my daughter was little she would suck on her hair. It was gross and it would make her hair all sticky. We could not get her to stop. So I promised her a Gymnastics Barbie if she would stop sucking on her hair for a week. She did it. We bought her the Barbie. She started sucking on her hair again. At some point she did quit without bribery.

Anyway - Happy Birthday Barbie - You'll always be better than Bratz!

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