Thursday, March 19, 2009

Life is Risky

Natasha Richardson's shocking death after hitting her head and refusing medical attention because she felt fine really hit close to home. Twice I've hit my head on the ice after falling while skating and had concussions. The last time I felt fine after I hit my head and even got up and kept skating. Then on the way home I had a terrible headache, felt nauseous and goofy and had my daughter drive me to the emergency room. They ordered a CT scan and I bitched and moaned the whole time about how this kind of over caution driving the price of health care up.

Of course there are no guarantees in life. You can fill in your favorite cliche about the fragility of life. But the next time I hit my head on the ice - I'm going straight to the emergency room.

P.S. I went skating after I wrote this and I actually did fall and bump my head and it freaked me out - I was shaking. But I seem to be fine. And another little girl fell and bumped her head and everybody was a little more attentive than usual. That probably won't last long. In skating, if you aren't falling, you aren't trying.


  1. Broomball is a fund raising event in my town. I started wondering about the "safety" of this type of youth event recently after my SIL fell, hit his head and shoulder in the course of such an event elsewhere. He was worried about his head/brain afterwards, but actually, he wrecked his shoulder. Fortunately, his presence on the ice was in the course of his employment, so the medical costs will be covered. But life and stuff happens anywhere.

  2. Yea, but with kids, nothing is really safe - especially when grown ups try to do it too!