Thursday, May 7, 2009

I bought a New Alb!

I haven't had a new alb in twenty years. As you see on my title photo my old one was way too short but they are usually way too big for me. Womenspirit had a sale and I bought this one. It came today and it fits PERFECT! Just the right length. The sleeves even fit. Oh to have vestments that fit. What heaven.


  1. Joy of being a local preacher is I don't have to robe. On the other hand, that does mean I have to posh up - and unlike you, I dislike wearing high heels!

  2. Ah but the beauty of the robe is that if you have nothing going on before or after --you don't have to "posh up"

  3. I bought my robe from WomenSpirit, too. I love it. Mine is black, with some pretty detailing on the hem and sleeves. I'm short (5'1"), so it's nice that they could tailor it to my height.