Monday, May 18, 2009

Skate Down the Yellow Brick Road

A couple of weeks ago I was in the Ames Figure Skating Club's Ice Show, Skate Down the Yellow Brick Road. It was different than anything we had ever done before. The whole show was an Ice Theatre. We did the whole story of the Wizard of Oz on Ice --all the music from the Julie Garland movie.

For weeks I was singing "Come out come out wherever you are. And meet the y
oung lady who feel from a star" in my head.

We really put on a professional quality event. We rent lights. We have amazing artists who do the backdrops. We have an amazing lady who designs and sews all the costumes. Talented coaches who choreograph the numbers. I was the show chair last year and I thought we did a good show - half of the show was an ice theatre of a family who got to go to Disneyland (I was the Mom in that) I thought we put on a good show last year. This year we outdid ourselves.

I was Auntie Em and even got to skate a little 1 minute solo - When Dorothy is locked up in the castle and dreaming about Auntie Em.

I did a few walz 3s, a couple of half flips - a LONG spiral that elicited applause (probably people amazed someone my age could actu
ally get my leg up that high) and a little spin. I was also one of the trees that chased Dorothy and the scarecrow in the enchanted forest.

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