Monday, May 4, 2009

Scott Hamilton's Coming Back to the Ice!

Scott Hamilton Announces Return to Skating
"The only disability is a bad attitude" - Scott Hamilton

I used to maintain a fan page for Scott Hamilton - then I couldn't find an HTML software editor that worked with my new computer - then AOL shut down their hosting sight and now everyone blogs so it went away. I really admire Scott Hamilton. Great skater. He could combine entertaining and humour and real skating skills - not like some of the younger pro skaters who think all they have to do is take off their shirt and shake their butt and do a couple of jumps to put on a good artistic program. He faced a digestive disease that kept him sickly most of his childhood, cancer in 1998, then a benign brain tumour a few years ago and at 50 he's coming back. Well why not? I'm 51 and I'm still skating!

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