Thursday, June 25, 2009

My Recent Skating Competition

Last weekend I competed at the Quad City Figure Skating Championships in Davenport Iowa. I was going to take my daughter along as a coach but she had an opportunity to work at a figure skating camp in Minnesota so I just went by myself. It's a pretty low pressure thing when adults compete. We cheer and compliment our competitors and we are just proud of ourselves for getting out

There were three in my freestyle group and I came in second. It's the first time I didn't come
in last in freestyle. So that was pretty exciting. This was my last time with this program. The music was AshokenFarewell and I loved it but I've been doing this program for two years. This summer I'm getting a new program.

I came in last in dance. I love ice dance but it is really hard for me. They played music I had never heard before and I never did quite figure out the
But I skated better than the last time I competed. In skating you have to learn to skate against yourself because you really have no control over who you are going to compete against. With different people I could have come in last or even first with the same performance.

I'm the Competition Chair of our club and we are hosting the figure skating competition at the Iowa Games on July 25 so I'm working on that. I probably won't compete there because it's a lot to run a competition and compete - tho I've done that. I like doing stuff for the club. People are so much more willing to volunteer and help out than people at church are. Why is that???


  1. Serious congratulations on coming 2nd in the free - you didn't tell me that! I know it doesn't matter, but it's fun, all the same.

    I die for your music, by the way.

  2. I know that your skating takes much more of a committment than most interests, and I commend your for that, as well as your committement to keep active and, obviously, strong.

  3. I'd be glad to send you my music - since I won't be using it anymore but you don't do freestyle do you?