Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"Right Side of History"? Oh Please!

I joined Twitter just in time to get in on the Twitter protest in Iran. It really was quite exciting. You felt you were actually part of it. I changed my avatar to green and everything. I felt like Neda was my best friend. Power to the People!

But the reality is that I am not part of it. This is a fight for the Iranian people. And I'm getting a little weary of the pompous rantings of the Republicans against Obama for not taking this opportunity to "be on the right side of history" When you ask these people just what EXACTLY do they expect him to do, I have yet to hear an clear answer. We don't have a really good track record when it comes to US interference in the Middle East. Or South America. Or Southeast Asia. Or central America.

Of course we should support free elections. But the way the Republicans are going on you would think Mousavi was a western loving Baptist! Um. No. And frankly recent news of the country's clerics joining the protest makes me fear the whole thing is being co-opted and even if Ahmadinejad is toppled, we will not see much difference in US-Iran relations or even human rights in Iran.

The Republican cry for American support in this annoys me too because why now and why Iran? What about Darfur and the reluctance to use the G word? What about China? I cannot tell you how pissed off I was when China was chosen to host the Olympics and I thought AT LEAST Bush should NOT be at the opening ceremonies. Oh no. We can't offend China. They might stop buying our debt. Oh the hypocracy!

So I think we need to just shut up about this right side of history crap.


  1. Stirred up, aren't you? Yeah, just think if the Reps were in office. Would they be talking like that or would they shut up or take us into another war? Hey, another war might help the economy...if we could pay for it.

  2. Yea because the Iraq war as worked out so well for us.

    I'm also really ticked off because I asked someone (who says he's on twitter to uplift people spiritually) what he wanted Obama to do and he called me an Obama worshipper. Well THAT was spiritually uplifting! NOT