Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two Very Different Men who Need to SHUT UP...

Dick Cheney and Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Rev. Wright - "Them Jews" keep me from Obama

I'm sure I don't need to explain why Cheney needs to shut up.


  1. Saw the Wright remarks on Olbermann last night. I was stunned.

    I actually cut him some slack, mentally, during the hubbub over his preaching -- "God damn the United States" and so forth might make sense, in the context of a certain kind of sermon. But this sort of thing, unfortunately, shows that my slack was misplaced. He belongs to an old and ugly tradition of Christian anti-semitism, filtered through the distinctive lens of paranoid black nationalism.

  2. I cut him slack for the preaching - but there were quotes from him about how the government deliberately put AIDS into the Black community...and other things about him that I pegged him as a loose cannon even before Obama cut him loose.

  3. I cut him slack in the preaching too... truth be told, but yeah, I'm just stunned. and sad, actually.