Friday, June 19, 2009

Oh my gosh they are STILL Harping on Michelle in the garden

So now the buzz is the fact that she wore that lovely salmon outfit with a sweater in the garden. Some even commenting that she is setting a bad example. For looking nice for a photo op in the garden? Are you people kidding me?

Setting a bad example? Because, what someone might "get ideas" and garden in a cute out fit? And then what? Heck I'm so obsessive about weeding I've been known to get out of my car dressed fairly nicely, see some weeds and start going at it and the next thing you know I'm on my knees getting grass stains on my slacks. That's what washing machines are for, people.

I did mention her nice outfit in my last post on this subject. But my heavens. She's the First Lady. She's not going to wear dirty raggedy clothes in public. Nor should she.

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