Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Five - Family Trees

The folks over at RevGalBlogPals are talking about family trees.  The picture is of the Colville Family Crest.  Colville is quite a Scottish name.  There's even an article about  the Colville Clan  on Wikipedia.   It says that the Colville are from Normandy and others say that Colville is from Viking settlements in Scottland.  But since Normans WERE originally Vikings...  according to this article the first Colville was , Phillip De Colville who was sent to Scotland in 1174 as a hostage for the release of William the Lion.

But there's also an area in Scottland called Colville which could account for the name as well.  And just because there was this nobleman named Colville doesn't mean I'm descended from him.  Peasants would take the name of their baron so I could just as easily be from peasant as noble stock. 

1. Do you have any interest in geneaology?  Not really.  I don't even want to go to Scotland.  It's cold there.  I'd rather go to Italy.  But I'm pretty sure I'm not Italian.

2. Which countries did your ancestors come from?  Scottish on my father's side, and Scottish on my mother's side--Crawford.  Abernathy on my mother's mother - English.

3. Who is the farthest back ancestor whose name you know?  I had an uncle who did a bunch of geneology work on the Crawford name and went back to the 17th century in Scotland.  Crawfords came to the US around the 1700s...settled in the south --no plantation owners, thank goodness.. just your "white trash" as they called us.

4. Any favorite saints or sinners in the group?
  I didn't know my father very well, my parents were divorced when I was an infant and I saw him only occasionally and then he died when I was 15 but he was really a fascinating man.  He passed the bar exam but felt like lawyers just took advantage of people's hardships and didn't have the stomach for it.  He was a union organizer for the railroads and somewhere there is a newspaper clipping of him bloodied by police in a demonstration. 

5. What would you want your descendants to remember about you? I was a tough bitch that didn't let life get me down.

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