Thursday, May 6, 2010


So right before Mother's day - there's a news story where a woman at a local mall was hassled by a security gaurd about breastfeeding her child in public and was asked to do that in the restroom.  EXCUSE ME?  Do YOU eat in a public bathroom?  

UGH --this is one of those issues that gets me going.

I saw more boob on Dancing with the Stars then you see when women breast feed.  Personally I was modest and always threw a blanket over my shoulder when I breast fed in public...but there's no need for everyone to freak out if  it's a little more obvious.  You could look other way you know.  What is wrong with our society when women can go around half naked and on one blinks an eye but GOD FORBID you should use your breasts to nourish a child.

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  1. Since there were NO private place to even change a baby when mine were little, I boycotted the nearest mall. No private places means that the only choice would have been on the floor of the restroom, not even in the stall, which was too small. Or I could have gone out to my car in winter. Yeah right.

    And that doesn't even get to the issue of nursing, because I just didn't go to that mall again for several years.