Sunday, May 30, 2010

Today's Sermon

was very one point I was boring myself!  A lot of old people said it was very interesting.  My daughter said she had pretty much written what I said in her college Christology paper.  I hope I preached the good news.  But it was probably kind of boring.  That's why preachers ignore the Trinity and most people think ice, steam and liquid is what the Trinity is all about.  I don't know what the answer is.

The Holy Trinity


  1. I know you're serious -- and you know I agree -- but I have to say that the words "a lot of old people said it was very interesting" are the funniest thing I've read in a while. File under: sermons damned with faint praise.

  2. yes, hard. and yes, I know (as I read your sermon) that the Trinity is not an apple. or like an apple. But, some church stuff to talk about the trinity with 4th graders does use an apple as an analogy. What do you do? and my aunt (by the way not a stupid person and a life-long Lutheran) thought that an old green kids book published by Concordia by a person named "Marxhausen" was the best explanation of the trinity for kids she had ever read. guess what? Apple.

  3. And of course the problem with using those silly analogies for children, besides being heretical....children think literally - they don't get metaphors until they are like 11 (and at that age they can get the Trinity as well as you or I) so they go around thinking God is an apple or an ice cube...Nobody wants to know that about children or 99.95 % of the children's sermons would go in the toilet (where they belong if you ask me)

  4. Concordia Publishing would be interested in the fact that they published a book for kids that is heretical!


    yeah, most children's sermons use analogies that fly right over the kids heads. they're really secretly for adults, which, kind of sucks.

    I like a children's time where there is something active for kids to do, get them up and moving, tho there is more risk when you do that....