Sunday, December 6, 2015

#AdventUs Prostitute


Who remembers “Pretty Woman”? 

Yea the romanticized view of a prostitute who managed to survive walking the streets without a pimp.  If that wasn’t unrealistic enough, she finds a rich handsome man who remakes her into the truly sophisticated woman she was inside.  And marries her and they live happily ever after.

The real story of prostitution is uglier than that.  

It’s called the “world’s oldest profession” but it’s not a profession for most women.  It is big business and it’s always been difficult for women to have any power in big business.  Even if the commodity is her own body.  

The average age a girl begins to be sold for sex in the US is 13.  It’s younger in other countries. 

Rahab who is named in Matthew’s genealogy of Jesus was a prostitute.  I think she was a slave like most women and girls (and boys) who are sold for sex.  She was pretty eager to sell out her town.  The town that had used her body and profited from it.  

I bet she didn’t cry any tears when it was destroyed.  

*For more about trafficking see Making Iowa Inhospitable to Traffickers

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