Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#AdventUs Survival


Squirrels are annoying.  They find ways of getting into my bird feeders.  

It wasn’t until after I took this picture that I realized this annoying squirrel was a nursing mama who needed food to feed her family.  I was less annoyed by the squirrels after that.  

They have to eat too, to survive.

Feed squirrels and birds is mostly entertaining for me. Something privileged people can do.  Birds and squirrels can survive just fine without my extra peanuts. 

There are too many in the world who cannot survive without those of us who have enough to feed birds and squirrels being willing to share.  

Those birds and squirrels in my yard are less hungry than too many children in the world.  

May God open our hearts to give of our abundance and privilege that others may not only survive, but thrive.  

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