Wednesday, December 16, 2015



In the Miriam Webster Dictionary the first definition of redeem is to make something that is bad or unpleasant better or acceptable. 

I hate winter but I love bulb flowers that will only grow in winter.  

So you could say that blue hyacinths are my redeemer.  They make winter better. 

We usually us a different definition of redeem for Christ.  Some might like the definition “to buy back”.  Christ "bought us back from the devil” 

I prefer “to free from captivity, to release from blame or debt”

Blue hyacinths don’t take winter away.  They make winter better.  When they begin to show through the sometimes still snow covered ground, they give me hope that winter will not last forever.  Even though it’s still cold.

Christ frees us from sin, death and the devil as the catechism teaches.  But I still feel cold from sin death and the devil.  

I have Easter and blue hyacinths to give me hope that I won’t be cold forever.

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