Saturday, December 12, 2015

#AdventUs FAMINE


There was a time when famines were only caused by crop failure and national disasters.  We have crop failures and national disasters in the United States.  We never have famines.  

There’s another cause of famine.  

War and political unrest and government policies.  We have the knowledge, technology and resources to make famine nothing more than something we read about in history books.

What we don’t have is the will.

Especially when the famine takes place in Africa.  Did you know there is a famine in Somalia right now?  At least 3 million people face starvation.  

I get that there is so much suffering and need in the world and it’s hard to know how to respond to even one part of it, much less keep up with it all.  And I am tired of the “How come you care about these people but not these people?!” scolding on social media. 

But we can’t avoid some honest soul searching to face the fact that suffering among white Europeans gets more attention than in Africa. 

And work on changing that.  

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