Wednesday, December 23, 2015

#AdventUs Birth


Birth.  The waiting is over.  It’s not called labor for nothing.   Giving birth is work.  Hard, dangerous work.  It is a work of love.

All creation requires labor.   God worked so hard in bringing for creation, he needed a day of rest.  

Whether it’s giving birth to a child, or bringing forth a work of art, a piece of writing, putting legs on a good idea, cooking a delicious nutritious meal, fixing a car, tying a child’s shoes, combing mats out of an abandoned pet’s fur, staying up all night weeping with a grieving friend….it is all labor, bringing forth life.  

It is hard work.  But it is also a work of love.

Perhaps the greatest gift God has given us is this ability to share in the work of creation. 

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